Learning Resources

Learn To Use A Scale

Let's get started using your new digital scale. It's super easy.

Authenticate Coins

Weigh your coins to check their value and confirm authenticity.

Authenticate Coins

Value Of Gold Watches

You need a digital scale to price your old gold watches.

Weigh Diamonds

A loose diamond can be extremely valuable. Weigh your stone.

Sell Gold

Sell gold using a scale and a gold calculator.

Sell Gold Using Scale

Weigh Silver Flatware

The value of silver flatware is to be determined by weight.

Weighing Units

Confused by grams, ounces, tael, pennyweight and carat?

A Magnet Helps

It never hurts to own a magnet to authenticate gold and silver.

Loupe & Microscope

A loupe, a microscope or a magnifying glass will help a lot.

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