Digital Scale For Silver Coins & Scrap

Digital Scale For Silver Coins, Jewelry & Scrap


Our digital scale for coins, jewelry and scrap was tailored to fit your needs. You can weigh silver coins, silver bars, silver cutlery, silver candelabras, silver scrap from jewelry making, silver nuggets, and any item weighing less than 1,000 grams. The accuracy of our scale is  0.1 gram what is more than sufficient for private usage. The value-difference of a tenth of a gram of silver can be neglected. A professional coin dealer or appraiser would not work with this scale as you expect him to deliver not 99% accuracy but rather a 100% accurate result. A professional dealer scale would easily cost 1,000 dollars but that’s definitely not needed when it comes to weighing silver at home.

Our digital silver scale can deliver weighing results in grams, troy ounces, pennyweight, carat and even in grain.

You either want to know how much your silver is worth or you may want to check if your silver coin is authentic. Good examples are Morgan Dollar Silver coins weighing 26.73 gram or American Silver Eagle coins weighing 31.1 gram. Both coins are being counterfeited quite often and verifying the actual weight may give you a good hint if your coin is authentic or not. If the determined weight is of by 0.1 g to 0.2 g you may be fine but if the weight of your coin is off significantly, you may ran into fake.

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Silver Jewelry Scale

Most silver jewelry is being priced by weight. You really want to know how much your silver weighs and for that, you need a nice working digital silver scale.

Silver Scrap & Flatware Scale

Spoons, forks, knives, vases, candlesticks, nuggets, wire, trays, frames, and most items made of silver are being priced by its weight. Don’t sell your treasure off for little money. Evaluate the weight with our digital silver scale and know how much your items are really worth.

Silver Coin Scale

It’s really easy to get a clue if your silver coins are authentic. Most faked silver coins are bad fakes and their weight is really off. Get a scale and start weighing.