Digital Scale For Gold Jewelry & Gold Scrap

Digital Scale For Gold Jewelry & Gold Scrap


Our digital scale for gold jewelry and gold scrap is probably the most important scale we are offering. Why? Simply because gold is very valuable and people selling gold without knowing the weight are leaving the most money on the table. Most gold buyers will brutally take advantage of your ignorance and buy your gold for as little money as they can. But buying a digital scale for gold is not only needed for selling gold. It’s also important to note down the weight of all the gold jewelry you own. In case of an item getting lost or stolen, you have really good evidence to proof that this is your item as even mass-made jewelry of same size will be significantly different in weight.

You want to buy a digital scale for gold jewelry, coins and scrap? is the place where you buy a great working scale for gold for an even greater price. You can also buy a silver scale,/a> or a diamond scale from us; so please make sure you shop our inventory before you checkout.

The gold and jewelry scale that you are buying for 10 Dollars is very accurate, very reliable, and very easy to operate. We tested this little scale in our laboratory for many months - yes, for many months. The founder of is a jewelry appraiser and he really knows everything when it comes to weigh gold jewelry. For many months, we challenged this little scale in direct competition with our high-end, very expensive laboratory scale. Our conclusion is impressing: for private use, this scale is NOT better than a 1,000 dollar unit. 

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Even nicer jewelry is priced per weight. If you have selling indentions or if you simply would like to know how much your gold is worth, buy this little gold scale for only 10 dollars.


If you plan to sell or price scrap gold, buying a digital scale is a must. If you cannot weigh your items, you cannot know how much they are worth. Buy a digital gold scale for only 10 dollars and prevent yourself from leaving money on the table.


You should also buy our digital jewelry scale for keeping records about your jewelry. If something is getting lost or stolen, providing an accurate weight may help to get your item back.