Digital Scale For Diamonds & Gemstones

Digital Scale For Diamonds & Gemstones


Owning a digital scale to weigh diamonds or other gemstones is very important - especially when it comes to price loose diamonds or colored stones. Knowing the carat weight is the fundamental base for pricing precious stones. Of course, there is more information needed to appraise a diamond: the color grade, the clarity grade, the polish, the symmetry, the fluorescence, and the clarity characteristics are very important things to know. But don’t give up, the carat weight is a good start to begin with and for that, you will need to buy a digital diamond  and gemstone scale.

When you start to shop around for selling a diamond or gemstone, the first thing a potential buyer will do is weighing your stone. If you already know the weight of your diamond, you can get a first impression from the prospective buyer by telling you the correct carat weight. A buyer telling you a lower carat weight will immediately disqualify himself as the place you want to do business with. It’s an unfortunate thing that pretty frequently, diamond buyers are trying to play the value down by devaluating your stone by telling you a lower carat weight.

Don’t get fooled and buy our digital diamond scale. Our scales got excessively tested and stressed by weighing many different diamonds and other gemstones. Keep in mind that our diamond scale was made for private individuals and not for professional appraising companies. Our digital diamond scale costs $20 while laboratory graded scales go for way about thousand dollars. Nevertheless, the insignificant weighing accuracy will NOT affect you. We tested our scales for many weeks and in almost all cases, this little scale will even match the weight of an very expensive appraising scale.

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There is no other place where you can buy a diamond and gemstone scale for a better price-performance ratio. Our diamond scale will cost you only 20 dollars and we stand behind the quality. All our scales have been tested in our laboratory for accuracy, handling, and performance.


Start Using Your Diamond Scale

Gemstone SCALE

You can weigh any colored stones: emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethyst and many more

mineral SCALE

This scale is also great for weighing minerals. You can weigh gold nuggets, gold flakes, rock specimens, natural copper or silver and any other material.

Diamond SCALE

A diamond is very often really valuable. Knowing the carat weight is a good start for finding its value.