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Digital Scale For 10 Dollars

Our Mission

There is NOTHING more important than having a good working digital scale when it comes to pricing gold or silver jewelry.

expert Approved

Our offered digital scales have been expert approved. Read our study about the scales accuracy. They have ben tested extensively. 

We Educate

We provide great education how to use our digital scale for pricing precious metals. We prepare you well before you sell your gold.


In our resource center, information about pricing gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, coins, dental gold, diamonds, and watches can be found.

Expert Approved Digital Scale

My name is Alan Jensen and I’m an expert for jewelry and gemstones. I’m working in this industry for almost three decades and I found out that people with plans to sell gold or silver merchandise have one big problem: they do NOT know the weight of the precious items they are planning to sell. The weight is the most important value factor for most items made of gold, silver, platinum or palladium.


All you would need is an accurate digital scale to prevent yourself from losing a lot of money. It’s my desire that the American people are not getting ripped off anymore when they sell their assets. That was the reason why I created - the place where you can buy a scale for as little as ten dollars. This tiny investment can pay of hard: knowing the weight or your precious items can get you hundreds or even thousands of dollars more in selling proceeds.

Jewelry Expert

Alan Jensen


This is really impressive for a Ten Dollar Scale. The weighing range goes up to 200 grams; with a 0.01g accuracy. The scale delivers grams, troy ounces, carat, tael, and grain.

Weighing Range

The weighing range is perfect for jewelry of any kind but also suitable for coins or smaller silver items.


Having an accurate scale for weighing valuables is really critical. This little scale is delivering 0.01g accuracy.

Weighing Units

Some people are used to grams while others prefer to work with ounces. But that's not all. The scale also knows carat and tael.

Digital Scale For Many Industries

Our scales are affordable and really accurate. Suitable for many different industries.  We offer a scale for gold, a scale for silver, and a scale for diamonds and gemstones.

Jewelry Industry

A digital scale is most important for any jeweler or any person doing some sort of business with precious metals. Knowing the weight is critical.

Gemstone Industry

A diamond or gemstone dealer without a digital scale is not a real dealer. People all over the world, dealing with gems, are suing digital scales.


Owning a digital scale can have many more advantages for you. How often would you need a digital scale when shipping something out?


Every pharmacist has access to a good digital scale. If you are working with alternative medicine, you may need a digital scale as well. 


Professional engineers will always own a digital scale and so should a DIY’er. From scale modelling to precision mechanic, it’s a must have.


You won’t find a clockmaker without a digital scale. If you like to fix pocket watches or other watches, this is the scale you want to own.

Use The Digital Scale To Sell Gold

First and foremost, was established to prevent people from getting ripped off when they plan to sell gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Every day, Americans are losing immense amounts of money just by not knowing what they own and how much it’s worth. You only need a digital gold scale, a magnifier, and a calculator to be perfectly prepared to sell gold. You are able to determine the weight, the purity, and the value of a few gold items in less than ten minutes. Those ten minutes may pay off huge. Sell gold using a digital scale from 10DollarScale – maybe the best investment you have ever made.

It’s a big misbelieve that determining the value of your precious metals is very complex. Yes, pawn shops want you to believe that you are not able to do a rough appraisal by yourself. It would be impossible for them to justify why they’d offer you 300 dollars if you gold is worth twice as much. Understanding the value of gold should better stay a well-kept secret according to fishy industry members. By owning a digital scale, finding a transparent and honest gold buyer is pretty easy. Once you know the value of your gold, you know how is a good buyer and who wants to take advantage of your gold. 

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Enjoy updates about new digital scales.


Pick the digital scale that is best suitable for your use.

Silver Scale

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/ Scale

  •      1g - 1,000g
  •      000x000x00mm 
  •      Jewelry, scrap silver, silverware, coins, flatware, and more..

Jewelry Scale

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/ Scale

  •      0.01g - 200g
  •      120x62x20mm
  •      Jewelry, scrap gold, coins, dental gold, gold nuggets, and more.

Diamond Scale

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/ Scale

  •      Gemstone Milligram Scale
  •      00x00x00mm
  •      Diamonds, gemstones, minerals, flakes, pearls, and more.

Our scales have helped MANY people to understand the value of their precious metals but also small dealers and estate sales companies in their daily business

They Say About The Scale


There are no limitations how you can use your new digital scale. Jump right into it. Weigh jewelry, coins, your mail. ingredients for cooking and many more items.


This digital scale is the perfect jewelry scale: rings, chains, necklaces, pendants, brooches, bracelets and much more.

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You can weigh items up to 200g why this digital scale is great to weigh wrist watches, pocket watches and more.

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Diamonds & Gemstones

Thanks to the impressive sensitivity, our digital scales are suitable to weigh diamonds, gemstones, and minerals. 

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